The Mella Sugar Warmer



What a warmer should be.

Wifi enabled warmer for both Sugar Paste and Wax. 

Welcome to the intersection of style and function.

Stop wasting time cleaning your warmer

  • Wax peels right off of the Mella®—quickly and easily—so your warmer stays looking good

A quantum leap in style 

  • Creating a great environment makes clients want to come back

Safer, with lower energy costs

  • A warmer that’s on for 8 hours versus 24 will lower your electric bill and reduce the risk of a fire hazard
  • Practical convenience
    • The Mella® does what you want, when you want. Having an app to control it means you don’t have to come in early just to turn on the warmer.
    • The Mella® always keeps you ready for your first client
  • Replaceable skins
    • Change the look, whenever it suits you

Each Warmer order comes with a silicone skin. This beautiful wood grain warmer comes with a slightly opaque clear silicone skin.

Compatible with most single size 14 oz containers 

  • Standard 14 oz size wax containers from most brands fit 
  • If you use sugar not all sugar containers fit but our Ke Kō containers do. Even our new Tall and Mella sizes.
  • Temperature compatible for both wax and sugar. Low to Medium suits all types of sugar.  Medium to High suits all types of wax.