Virtual Zoom with Karin

Virtual Zoom with Karin

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Here at Ke Kō we believe in always continuing your education. If there is something we don't cover, we'll make it happen if you want it! With COVID still on the lurk and hectic lifestyles we try to make it as easy as possible for you to gain extra knowledge in the comfort of your own home.

Each class will be hosted by Owner/Educator of Ke Kō Professionals, Karin Noll. We will have live sugaring and models for you to see. All classes are interactive and you can communicate and ask questions as they arise. 

We will always be using Ke Kō products during this classes but all Sugarists Worldwide are welcome to attend. We just ask that you're a Certified Sugarist or already enrolled in a Sugaring Program. 

We offer:

  • Advanced Brow Sugaring (at least 3 models for each class with at least 3 different techniques.)
  • Advanced Brazilian (at least 1 model for each class with everything from setup to post care treatment information)
  • Sugaring with Facials (includes 1 model receiving a full face sugaring with a full customized facial. We go over all sugaring techniques and also facial tips and tricks to achieve the best Paradise Facial)
  • Back Office (this is a small student class that helps you organize your thoughts, business goals and finances to achieve either a good launch or just to get you and your business the drive you need to succeed. Be prepared for homework and creating a beautiful vision board)


Our Virtual Zoom classes are held monthly so keep checking the schedule. You can purchase the class itself at anytime and we will make it a priority to add extra Virtual Zoom classes on request as well. 

If you have specific questions about a class you'd like us to focus on please send us a message. If you don't see an available class let us know when you're interested an we'll check out the schedule together!


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