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Everything you need from before and throughout sugaring, to improve the experience for your client. Coconut foaming cleanser to prepare the skin - organic drying powder to absorb moisture – calming cucumber mist to combat inflammation – organic coconut lotion to sooth the skin…

always FREE of Parabens, Talc, Sulfates, Gluten, Dairy and NEVER tested on Animals.

Choose from original sizes, refills and travel sizes. At Ke Kō, we’re committed to preserving the environment and use eco-friendly materials for all our packaging.

Check out our Reef to Leaf program for information about sending back used containers.

Our Sugar Paste Formulations

Ke Kō Pastes are Eco-Friendly--from product to packaging! Inside your recyclable container (click here to read more about our Reef to Leaf program), you’ll find a truly dry pliable paste made of only the highest quality sugar, water, and lemon. You’ll notice a lighter yellow color indicative of our proprietary in-house cooking method that ensures you’re getting the most consistent and reliable paste on the market. We pride ourselves on our cost-effective, absolute sugar perfection, and we know you’ll love it too!

Natural Non-GMO Sugar Paste | 32oz Containers Available

  • PUA: Our beautiful flower. The most faithful, stretchy, soft (but never sticky!) paste formulated for larger areas of the body like arms and full legs. Pua is a must-have on the counter of any experienced sugaring practitioner--give your hands a break and let this pliable paste do the work for you! You’ll also find this paste excellent for mixing to create the perfect custom paste for each of your client’s needs.
  • WAHINE: A soft, yet gentle paste designed for more delicate large areas. Molds quickly to increase efficiency.
  • DAKINE: The whatchamacallit of pastes! Dakine is the paste to start with if you’re unsure. It’s strong enough for tough hairs, but pliable enough to mold smoothly and quickly. We recommend this paste for any body area, including brazilians.
  • KONA: Our strongest of pastes! She’s pliable and lovely, but not too delicate to handle the coarsest hairs and warmest clients. You’ll find this paste is a great go-to for first-time or particularly coarse-haired brazilian clients. 

Just like our line of Eco-Friendly Pro Pastes, you’ll find our Organic Sugar Pastes to be consistent and reliable. We’ve sourced our Wholesome Organic, FairTrade Sugar Cane from South America and we don’t mind telling you about it. Want to know more about our organic practices? Watch our Wholesome video in the organic paste section and learn more about why our hearts choose Organic!

Organic Sugar Paste | 32oz and 42oz Containers Available

  • SOFT:  Ideal for larger body areas and cold practitioners--great for mixing to “loosen up” a harder paste.
  • MEDIUM: Ideal for returning clients and “easier” brazilians, underarms, and facial sugaring.
  • HARD: Ideal for coarse hair and warmer clients or practitioners--great for mixing!

9 products

9 products