How many of you can say you know exactly the story behind the products and the company of the products you use? Here at Ke Kō we're an open book. From day one all our friends, family members and clients have been involved. Nothing hits the market until absolutely loved by everyone.  Of course there're millions of amazing products out there, but for our bubble of Ke Kō lovers... we love the simplicity of the simple ingredients, and the love that's put into each formulation. 

Back story for the launch of these natural and organic products. Ke Kō the company was founded in 2018, however, the formulations have been around for years prior. Also the experience. Karin C. Noll, the founder, formulator and also Licensed Esthetician has been practicing skin care for over a decade. Avid member to the most sensitive of skin types, she wanted only the most basic and natural ingredients in her life. Between Karin, her family, friends and clients... the overwhelming reactions to skincare were just outrageous. From eczema, psoriasis, to hormonal and chemo driven skin types. The research is endless but the hope isn't. So we just create our own. Simple as that. Ke Kō Ohana Approved!

How did we get to where we are? Each product from our professional line to our retail line, are all created the same. What we don't formulate locally, we source from trusted and certified facilities that give us the quality and pureness we strive. We then hand package, label and ship in house to ensure perfection. Someday, our goal is to make all of our products in house of course, but for now... we're focusing on sourcing our ingredients locally, fair trade, non-gmo and organic. We're focusing on learning as much as we can about the millions of factors involved in creating just one product at a time. Our focus is you... and just great body care!

We are growing and so has our Ohana. The team = The mamas, our hubby's and our brilliantly creative minds. We all love nature, adventure and spending time with our loved ones. Count on us to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and driven to make sure you and your ohana are given each product hand packaged and made with full hearts. 

Mahalo and we appreciate you getting to know us. ~ Your Ke Kō Skincare Ohana

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Karin C Noll

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