Here at Ke Kō, our mission and vision are all about YOU.

You are the why behind everything we do: from the quality of products, to the standard of service, to nurturing our community. You drive us.

We believe the service that someone offers will always rise to the level of importance they place on those they are serving, and we began our mission with the most important people in our lives—our very own family members and long time clients (which every cosmo and esti know are totally family). We’ve grown since then, and each new professional and client have become part of our Ohana

Because you are Ohana, we offer you only the best products and education. Our founder, Karin C Noll, is not only the creative and chemical genius behind so many of our products, but also the first boots on the ground with each product before our Ohana was ever even thought of! Each formulation began with real people that we love. From our own babies and family members, to our dear clients, we aimed to create a line just for them. Karin practiced skin care as an esthetician for over a decade before diving into the world of formulation, and has extensive experience with sensitive skin types—from typically reactive to those with disease processes like eczema, psoriasis, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal imbalances. She used her knowledge of pure, simple ingredients to effectively improve each person’s skin over time. That’s why you’ll find Ohana-approved simple products at Ke Kō; all natural or organic, cruelty-free, and without unnecessary fillers and funk.

As of 2022, we are taking on Ke Kō Botanicals to continue growing and supporting the Ohana. You can count on us for true service, quality product offerings, and stellar education and resources. We can’t wait to meet you, serve you, and personally welcome you to our Ohana. If we haven’t met yet, please reach out! Send us an email to Tell us where you are, what you do, and what you desire from the Ohana! Happy sugaring, friends. And welcome to the Ohana.

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