Advanced Class Kit

Advanced Class Kit



*Must be enrolled in our sugaring courses or a Ke Ko Educator to purchase*

Aloha Students!

This kit has everything you need to practice after your course and master the art of sugaring. 

1 Sugar Warmer

4 Jars of Sugaring Paste
1 5oz Botanical Backbar Cleanser
1 5oz Botanical Backbar Powder
1 5oz Botanical Backbar Hydrosol
1 5oz Botanical Backbar Lotion
1 Box of Biodegradable Gloves

Ke Kō Online Exam & Certification (note: in an effort to reduce waste and paper use in congruence with our Reef to Leaf Initiative, your manual can now be found on the course platform! Simply download your copy when you enter the "Aloha" section and refer to it at any time! Mahalo and thanks so much for embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle with us)