Essentials Body Sugaring Certification Program

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Welcome to the ONLINE version of Essentials of Body Sugaring. This course is outlined to teach you the most important skills of body sugaring from pulling paste out of the sugar jar to sugaring your clients from brows to toes!

Essentials Sugaring Course Curriculum

Step by step to master each body part. The online course includes these basic sugaring sections, followed by our online tutoring sessions:

  • 1 Welcome to our Ohana
  • 2 Anatomy & Physiology
  • 3 Getting Started
  • 4 Let's Sugar
  • 5 Facial Sugaring
  • 6 Upper Body Sugaring
  • 7 Lower Body Sugaring
  • 8 MAHALO

Included in this course

BASIC KIT - INCLUDED with course


• Schedule office hours and gain one on one support

• Join our online Ohana--our Sugarist group dedicated to discussion, tips and tricks while learning and building your sugaring career

• Tutoring Sessions are including upon completion of assignments

• Final exam/certification included upon completion of Essentials Program