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Here you’ll find not only our online course, but our regularly scheduled classes all over the world, led by our highly qualified instructors. Looking for a different day or class type near you? We also offer individual and tailored classes upon request, just contact us!

As an added bonus for our in-person courses, you will have access to our online course and tutoring sessions. Just like our online students, you’ll be able to go one-on-one with our Director of Education for additional tips, tricks, and resources to master the art of sugaring.


If you are a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, or a student with 200 or more clocked hours, we’d love to welcome you to our Ohana!

Our Courses

•Tuitions are set by individual educators. Contact us at or fill out the class inquiry to be connected with your nearest educator.

•Our Advanced Certifications allow you to attend any future sugaring classes for FREE! Grab continuing education and network with fellow students and sugarists.

•Upon completion, you will receive your official Ke Kō certificate, be entered as a Ke Kō Certified Sugarist in a worldwide Sugarist Database/Locator, given access to social media support groups and our Ke Kō Online Tutoring Sessions. All of our certifications offer resources for continuing education for life! Never hesitate to reach out to us. Welcome to the Ohana!

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How does our online program work?

You’ll find our online program to be incredibly thorough. From sugaring theory, safety and sanitation, and (of course) practical application, we offer it all! Don’t expect to just watch videos and take quizzes, our online program is truly interactive. You’ll be teamed up with our Director of Education for one-on-one coaching on your sugaring technique, in addition to a number of resources designed to give you a community of fellow sugarists for everything from learning technique to business development. After completing the main course, you’ll have access to the exam in addition to our body-specific tutoring videos to give you additional tips and tricks for everything from brows to toes. Slide into our online chat room to view extra tips and tricks or ask questions of our team of educators and other students. Once you’re done, you’ll always have access to your online dashboard—come back anytime you experience a hiccup or need a refresher!

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