Education Training and Certification for Licensed Professionals

Welcome to the home of Sugaring and Skincare Professionals. Your botanical, organic skin care and sugaring Ohana!

We are educators dedicated to providing what we have learned thus far in the industry and helping you succeed in your own business adventures. We truly believe in not being competitive with each other but rather with ourselves. Pushing ourselves to be the best because what we do in this industry is care for others… we all care passionately about our services and what we have to offer our clients.

Student Love

This class was amazing! Karin is an amazing teacher. I learned so much about the background of sugaring as well as techniques. I am very excited to excel in my sugar career from this class!


The course videos were really helpful in the process of learning sugaring techniques. The certification process was very informative and easy to navigate through. Great experience!


Why choose Ke Kō?

We have spent so many years educating, building our businesses and learning from our mistakes. We want to offer you all the things we've found key to our success and all the programs we've built just for you. Take a look around, we know there's a lot going on here at Ke Kō but we do feel proud to offer support, education and multiple avenues for your success.


Our Body Sugaring Certifications come with a life long membership to the Ke Kō Ohana (family). Our education goes beyond the classroom to help you perfect the traditional method of Sugaring hair removal. We are here for your every step of the way, it will just take time and practice. Our comprehensive sugar classes will go over the didactics of sugar hair removal, products, maintenance and the business side of things. Hands on classes to help guide you in becoming the Sugarista that you are!


Professional Products

We formulate all our paste in house and most of our botanical products as well. You can trust our backbar to be the purest on the market and meant for even the most sensitive of clients. Our Sugar Hair Removal paste is based on an old recipe containing sugar, lemon juice and water. The product is 100% natural with no chemical additives whatsoever, no bone char, no testing on animals and with no harmful side effects. If we don't have what we're looking for... we'll make it!



Apply for our Professional Account and gain access to one of the best Sugaring suppliers in the world!