Essentials 2 -Day Body Sugaring

Essentials 2 -Day Body Sugaring

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Perfect for 1 to 8 Licensed Professionals. Two 8hr classes. This class includes hair removal didactic, anatomy & physiology, all hands on sugaring practice and extra sugaring demonstrations. (legs, arms, under arms, back, chest, belly, face, brows and brazilian/bikini) We also include Business & Marketing Plans, access to our upcoming social media, app and of course this includes our Advanced Certification at the end of class if approved by instructor and passing of online exam. This class is intended to be well rounded and allows you to additionally attend any upcoming 2 Day class free of charge up to a year!

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Diaz
Sugaring Course

It was excellent! Ms. Melodie is very attentive and her communication is fast. She cares about every student and is willing to work extra for us.

Jennie B
Advanced Sugaring class

Asia was very patient and thorough. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She is great!!!

Mandy M.
Everything that Asia did was amazing!

Asia is awesome. Extremely thorough & patient. I learned so much in the 2 day Sugaring Class. She totally exceeded what I expected and made me feel very comfortable and willing to learn with ease. And since then she has been In contact numerous times about any questions I may have.
I would HIGHLY recommend this class!!!

Anna C
Great training!

I loved it! Love sugaring and will never go back to waxing :)

Very thorough and informational!

I met Jarratt while I was still a student at Aveda and I knew that at some point, I was going to go learn the craft with her. Not only did Jarratt set me up for success, she far exceeded my expectations for the course. I am most pleased with how much hands on practice I was able to get with her during our two days. I also love that is local to me because she extended support to me which is amazing to me. I am super excited for this new journey and I encourage everyone to train with her.