Reef to Leaf Project

Eco-Friendly Focused Skincare Professionals

Mama Honua (Mother Earth) needs us! Help us in keeping our oceans clean and our mountains green.

Every day, we hear about climate change, we learn about toxins in our food and products, we hear about devastation in our oceans. With the eco-buzz all around, it's easy to tune it out and continue in our regular routines.

Here at Reef to Leaf, we want to help you understand what we can do to care for our incredible, life-sustaining planet. We have an obligation to do our best to ensure that our children and beyond are able to enjoy a thriving earth, through the implementation of sustainable practices in our daily lives--both at home and in our careers.

We don't know claim to know everything, and new perspectives arise daily as our understanding of earth expands, but we aim to do our best to pass along sound, eco-friendly advice, products and packaging to you. Although our ultimate goal is changing the world, our actions must start at home and in our own salons and spas. Help us be the ripple that begins the big wave!

Thank you for caring!


Loving Nature & Proving it!

Designing products takes work, dedication, and LOTS of supplies. Many packaging and manufacturing options are easy and cheap, but that's not what we're looking for--we want responsible and sustainable. Here at Ke Kō, our facilities have been organically certified and each product we design and package we utilize are thoroughly researched. Sustainability and purity are part of our core values.

Sustainable Products

In keeping with our promise to protect Mother Earth and our commitment to the lowest-possible carbon footprint, we handcraft products that are not only sustainable, but also safe for the most delicate skin. The facilities we order our ingredients and some products from are backed by USDA-certifications, USP-, and have FDA-approvals. Efficacy, honesty, and peace of mind are what you’ll find in each of our beautiful bottles.

Sustainable Packaging

Glass vs Pastic vs Biodegradable what??? There's so many buzz words, options, and controversy out there. We'll take the guessing game out for you. We use ECO-Friendly packaging, signage and equipment. We even create refillable containers with our refills that save you money and reduce waste!

Sustainable Shipping

Shipping Carbon Neutral is not something most people think about. We want, we buy, and get things at the click of a button these days... never thinking about the impact that it makes. Here at Ke Kō, we vow to always keep shipping at the lowest carbon footprint!

Reef to Leaf Certification